Welcome to my homepage!
I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher of The School of Computer Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, working with Prof. Dani Lischinski and Prof. Daniel Cohen-Or. Before this,  I was a postdoctoral researcher of Rapid-Rich Object Search Lab, School of EEE, Nanyang Technological University, working with Assoc Prof. Gang Wang. I received the Ph.D. Degree from National Laboratory of Pattern Recogniton, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014 under the suprervision of Prof. Fuchao Wu and received the BEng degree from Sichuan University in 2008.

My main research interests are in the fields of Computer Vision. Related topics include deep learning, semantic segmentation, saliency detection, 3D shape analysis etc.

Latest News

2017.9 Our paper "Recent Advances in Convolutional Neural Networks" has been accepted by Pattern Recognition
2017.8 Our paper "Learning Fine-grained features via a CNN tree for Large-scale Classification" has been accepted by Neurocomputing.
2016.12 Our paper "Laplace Gradient based Discriminative and Contrast Invertible Descriptor" has been accepted by ICASSP 2017
2016.9 Our paper "Synthesizing Training Images for Boosting Human 3D Pose Estimation" has been accepted by 3DV 2016
2016.7 Our paper "Learn Common and Specific Features for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation with Deconvolutional Networks" has been accepted by ECCV 2016
2016.3 Our paper "Recurrent Attentional Networks for Saliency Detection" has been accepted by CVPR 2016.
2016.2 Our book "Local Image Descriptor: Modern Approaches" has been published by Springer.
2015.12 The paper "Exploring Local and Overall Ordinal Information for Robust Feature Description" has been accepted by TPAMI
2015.7 The paper "Explore Prior Knowledge for Pedestrian Detection" has benn accepted by BMVC 2015 as oral representation.
2014.6 The paper "Affine Subspace Representation for Feature Description" was accepted by ECCV 2014.
2014.3 The paper "Efficient Pose Tracking on Mobile Phones with 3D Points Grouping" was accepted by ICME 2014.
2013.7 The paper "FRIF: Fast Robust Invariant Feature" was accepted by BMVC 2013.
2013.6 The LIOP feature was added to the VLFeat open source library. See the tutorial page for more information.
2011.11 The LIOP and the evaluation codes were released.
2011.11 The "Complex Illumination Datasets" was released.
2011.6 The paper "Local Intensity Order Pattern for Feature Description" was accepted by ICCV 2011.